The Meredith Landowners Coalition is a non-profit community group of local residents whose goal is to promote a better understanding of industrial gas development in our rural area.
The impact of such development will affect everyone in our community for many years to come. Our own position, based on the research we have
done over a period of two years, is that the potential long-term risks to the community as a whole appear to far outweigh the possible benefits.
At the very least, we believe it’s  worth waiting for the Environmental Protection Agency to complete its current study of the safety of hydraulic hydrofracking before any drilling takes place.
We hope this will open an honest dialogue between neighbors about the pros and cons of a very complex issue. Our newsletters just scratch the surface. Many aspects haven’t been examined at all, or just touched on briefly, without the kind of detail residents need to make an informed decision about what to do. Future issues will try to answer some of these questions more thoroughly, and as practically as possible.
If you feel this kind of information is of value, please consider becoming a member or making a contribution to our organization to support our educational efforts.
Our mailing address: POB 2, Meridale, NY 13806
The Steering Committee of the Meredith Landowners Coalition,
in alphabetical order:
Nancy Cannon, Carolyn June, Bob Rosen,
Kelley Snodgrass, Cynthia Waterman